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Knowledge Matters

Written by Ben van Berkel & Caroline Bos and published by Frame Publishers, Knowledge Matters is an exploration into a more agile form of practice - one that is scalable, relevant and opens conversations about the future of the discipline in the context of today’s knowledge sharing society. It does so by critically engaging the expanded set of demands now placed upon the profession – reframing these demands as the latent potentials of performative architecture in the 21st century. These potentials are explored, realised and speculated upon through the book’s 11 ‘Knowledge Tools’, with projects often appearing more than once and in various guises.

Predicated on the belief that architecture’s inherently contextual quality provides ideal grounding through which to organise increasingly vast and accessible forms of knowledge into distinct and engaged entities, Knowledge Matters recasts architecture as the conduit through which the passive reception of knowledge is reimagined as the active production of it.

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Price: €29
Publisher: Frame Publishers, Sept 2016
Language: English
Written by: Ben van Berkel and Caroline Bos
Graphic Design:  Proxi Design (Rein Steger)
Print details: 250 x 220 mm
 / 400 pages / full colour / soft cover

ISBN: 978-94-91727-98-6