• UNStudio/ Ben van Berkel propose innovative model for Terminal 3 of Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

    UNStudio/ Ben van Berkel propose innovative model for Terminal 3 of Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

    Friday 30 October 2015

    UNStudio’s design for Terminal 3 of Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport was awarded 2nd prize amongst the shortlisted competitors Rogers Stirk Harbour and Fosters + Partners.  Terminal 3 at Taoyuan airport is planned to accommodate 45 million passengers a year. UNStudio’s design challenges the accepted utilitarian approach to airport design in an effort to propose a new global standard for an efficient, sustainable, flexible and innovative terminal model.

    The airport typology revisited
    With a core team, comprising Bio-Architecture Formosana from Taipei, April Yang Design Studio from Ohio, and a multidisciplinary consultant team - UNStudio reexamines the airport typology through careful analysis of the existing terminals at Taoyuan, whilst anticipating airport operational requirements, infrastructure and the spatial constraints of the site.

    Using personal travel experience as a starting point, UNStudio felt that in recent times airport architecture has become rigidly prescribed as a typology with excessive and monotonous use of space. Michael Speaks (jury member and Dean and Professor at Syracuse University) stressed that 'UNStudio offered the most innovative design concept'. He expressed that 'the entire jury agreed that UNStudio's airport design was the one they would want to experience most'. With ‘place making’ at the central core of the design concept, UNStudio strived to distinguish its design from a generic solution by designing for the users and by creating an interior ecology that is entirely distinct from the look and feel of comparable airports.

    UNStudio’s design is characterised by its efficiency, short walking distances and optimised airport functions following the principles of natural wayfinding. A small footprint and enough area for landsite construction allow for a quick building assembly with a prefabrication strategy. All of which contribute to a simple, fast paced, sustainable and effective implementation of the overall design strategy. 

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  • New Book - "Arnhem. A Station with a Twist”

    New Book - "Arnhem. A Station with a Twist”


    To celebrate the completion of Arnhem Central Station, a new book “Arnhem. A Station with a Twist” (language: Dutch) will be available in bookstores in the Netherlands from November 19th - the day of the official opening.

    “Arnhem. A Station with a Twist” charts the history of the redevelopment of the station and details the succession of challenges that were met during the 18 year long adventure. Containing in-depth details about the design and interviews with the numerous stakeholders,

    the book tells the story of a collaborative endeavor between multiple parties, the challenges they faced, the solutions they found and the courage and commitment it took to deliver the project without compromising the original design.

    This publication is an initiative from UNStudio, ProRail and bouwcombinatie Ballast Nedam – BAM. Plans are also afoot to publish an English version in the near future.

    ISBN: 978-90-805188-0-3

    Project overview >>>

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  • First Apple Store in Belgium opens in UNStudio's Le Toison d'Or building in Brussels.

    First Apple Store in Belgium opens in UNStudio's Le Toison d'Or building in Brussels.

    Belgium's first Apple Store has opened in UNStudio's Le Toison d'Or building in Brussels.

    Located on the Avenue de la Toison d'Or, the mixed-use building is scheduled for completion this autumn and will house varied sized apartments, 13,000 m2 of commercial space, a crèche and 400 parking spaces.

    Project overview >>>
    Apple Store on Dezeen >>>

  • Re-Inventing Shoes at London Design Festival

    Re-Inventing Shoes at London Design Festival

    Following the launch in Milan and New York, Ben van Berkel / UNStudio's UNX2 shoe design for United Nude and 3D Systems will be presented again at the Re-Inventing Shoes project during London Fashion Week and the London Design Festival.

    London Design Festival Exhibition
    United Nude Flagship
    13 Floral Street
    19th-27th of September 2015

    Info >>>

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  • UNStudio's design selected for new theatre in Den Bosch

    UNStudio's design selected for new theatre in Den Bosch


    The residents of Den Bosch in the Netherlands have played a part in the selection of Ben van Berkel / UNStudio's design for the new 'Theatre on the Parade'.
    Following a competition in which the inhabitants of Den Bosch were invited to vote for one of two finalists, UNStudio’s design for the new city centre theatre was selected for realization - having received 57% of the votes. In total 2681 people (over the age of 12) cast a valid vote. In addition, the municipality conducted a survey among 5,000 people, while around 400 residents in the immediate area and other stakeholders received an invitation to vote.

    The Theatre on the Parade is located in the heart of Den Bosch, adjacent to a large and lively public square (‘the Parade’) and near to the St. John’s Cathedral.
    Alongside essential functional, regulatory and sustainable considerations, the location of the theatre calls for a highly contextual approach, however the architecture of UNStudio’s design places equal emphasis on the overall experience of the theatergoer and the public qualities of the project.

    Project overview >>>

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  • Staedelschule Architecture Class: this year's Dean's Honorary Lecture by Benedetta Tagliabue

    Staedelschule Architecture Class: this year's Dean's Honorary Lecture by Benedetta Tagliabue

    As Dean of the Staedelschule Architecture Class, Ben van Berkel is happy to announce this year's Dean's Honorary Lecture by Benedetta Tagliabue.
    The Dean's Honorary Lecture is part of the SAC end-of-year events and will take place at the German Architecture Museum in Frankfurt am Main on Monday, June 29th 2015 at 19:00.

    Further end-of-year events include:
    End-of-year reviews:
    First Year Group:
    Thursday and Friday, June 25-26, 10:00 - 18:00
    Master Thesis Group:
    Monday and Tuesday, June 29-30, 10:00 - 18:00

    Guest Lecture: Clemens Weisshaar
    The Vanishing Line Between the Physical and the Digital
    Thursday, June 25, 19:00, Städelschule Aula

    Guenter Bock Prize Award Ceremony
    Monday, June 29, 18:30

    Photo: Spanish Pavilion, Expo Shanghai 2010, Benedetta Tagliabue. © Zhen Zhonghai

    Website SAC >>>

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  • Singapore University of Technology & Design completed

    Singapore University of Technology & Design completed


    The academic campus for the Singapore University of Technology and Design reflects an in-depth understanding of the changing requirements of learning institutions today. Connectivity, collaboration, co-creation, innovation and sociality are at the basis of UNStudio’s design thinking on New Campuses.

    Ben van Berkel: “By introducing diagonal and framed view corridors, vertical and horizontal connections and covered walkways and by tapering the elevations of the buildings, openness is created that means the buildings are experienced as a connected whole.”

    Project overview >>>

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  • UNStudio’s design for the Theater aan de Parade in 's-Hertogenbosch selected as one of two finalists

    UNStudio’s design for the Theater aan de Parade in 's-Hertogenbosch selected as one of two finalists


    UNStudio’s design for the Theater aan de Parade in 's-Hertogenbosch has been selected among the last two finalists in the competition to design a new theatre for the city. The residents of 's-Hertogenbosch will vote for their choice of the winning design over the next two weeks. The announcement of the winning design will take place in July 2015.

    Further information about UNStudio's design >>>

    Voting site (for residents of  's-Hertogenbosch):

  • De-Coding Amsterdam - Städelschule Rundgang 2015

    De-Coding Amsterdam - Städelschule Rundgang 2015


    'Advanced Architecture Design' (AAD) at the Städelschule in Frankfurt promotes a design driven discourse of the changing role of the architect to define new fields and conditions of work. “Value Formation” is the theme of AAD 2015, and the initial phase 'De-Coding Amsterdam', focusses on a city valuation study and was recently presented at the Städelschule Rundgang 2015.
    The scope of the undertakings in AAD lies, on one side, in the resultant training in and discussion of an elaborated design methodology, and on the other, in implemented research on topics in urbanism, architecture theory, science and technology. The basis for both research and design methodology is the reading of the city and its buildings as relational and intricate systems. The investigation of interdependencies of form, structure, programme, context and material, enable the consideration of an inner logic of complexity, relativity and multiplicity.
    In 'De-Coding Amsterdam' the AAD students investigate phenomena of such urban systems and their effects on building and living environments. Detailed analyses of spatial, infrastructural, social, cultural and economic influences on the city of Amsterdam are addressed and raise questions about the potentials of a critical re-development of the city.

    Using a large scale projection, an exploration of form and video in the Rundgang exhibition by the AAD group, the students presented a variety of impressions and observations of the city of Amsterdam that enable an unconventional reading of the city beyond the expectation of well-known stereotypes. The over-layering of a diverse selection of media centrally placed the development of possible architectural strategies in the field of interdependencies of the city’s ecology, its inhabitants and its architecture.
    The video-installation reflects some of the research aspects discovered in the current investigation and form the base of the design project for Amsterdam in the coming semester.

    VIDEO >>>

    Städelschule, Frankfurt
    Dean: Ben van Berkel
    Advanced Architectural Design (AAD)
    Guest Professor: Christian Veddeler
    Students: Anirudh Rajdev Krishnadas, Bi Han, Marquez Colby, Shiraz Cheriya Parambath, Henrik Irminger Thomassen, Yelta Köm, Yorgui George Khawam

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  • UNX2 - New shoe design for United Nude unveiled in Milan

    UNX2 - New shoe design for United Nude unveiled in Milan


    Ben van Berkel / UNStudio's new design for a 3D-printed shoe was unveiled earlier this week by United Nude at the exhibition 'Re-Inventing Shoes' during Milan Design Week 2015.

    The Re-Inventing shoes project + exhibition, invited five leading architects and designers to explore and challenge 3D printing technology by designing 3D printed ladies high heels.

    Overview >>>
    Video >>>

  • StandTable launched today

    StandTable launched today


    Ben van Berkel / UNStudio's new interactive StandTable to be launched today in Rotterdam by innovative furniture brand PROOFF.

    Designed to encourage user flexibility and to generate dynamic interactions within the office environment, the StandTable stations divide the traditional circular table into three parts

    and create plateaus of different heights, allowing the user to work in various positions. A place to work at, on, behind, around, the StandTable embodies flexibility in a user-generated way.

    Project overview >>

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  • UNStudio designs The W.I.N.D. House - an expansion of the smart home

    UNStudio designs The W.I.N.D. House - an expansion of the smart home


    ‘Super Living’ and the expansion of the smart home

    The ‘homes of the future’, previously the stuff of fantasy exhibited only in World's Fairs and science fiction, are increasingly becoming a reality. Automation and connectivity are making it possible for today’s smart homes to integrate information technologies through which systems and appliances are able to communicate in an integrated way, resulting in vastly increased convenience, energy efficiency, safety and security.

    Ben van Berkel: “The contemporary smart home not only enables the control of appliances from afar and incorporates the necessary installations and materials to aim for a zero net energy building, it also responds to changes in today’s lifestyles.”

    As such, flexible floor plans are incorporated which allow for diversity in function in order to correspond to the family’s changing needs and thus offer

    choice for gathering, seclusion, work or play. The organisation of the contemporary home therefore enables the residents to curate their own home life, both now and in the future.

    Ben van Berkel: “A challenge for the architect in the design of today’s single family home is a response that accurately reflects the degrees of flexibility, sustainability and automation required by the residents and the incorporation of these into the overall concept of the design.”

    The W.I.N.D. House in the province of North-Holland incorporates both integrated sustainable solutions and home automation, whilst flexibility of spaces, the comprehensive assimilation of the surrounding landscape and a centrifugal circulation form the basis of the design.

    Project overview >>

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  • Happy Chinese New Year from UNStudio

    Happy Chinese New Year from UNStudio


  • UNStudio welcomes the IMC weekendschool

    UNStudio welcomes the IMC weekendschool


    On Sunday January 18th UNStudio welcomed a class of children from the IMC weekendschool and introduced them to the wide world of architecture. The IMC weekendschool gives children the opportunity to widen their horizons and explore different professions from an inside perspective. Architecture is one of the professions they learn about throughout the school year.

    A group of UNStudio experts gave the enthusiastic 10 year olds a tour through the office and provided them with some insights into the profession.

    Over the course of four lessons our future colleagues will make their own small projects, the best of which will be awarded during a presentation on February 8th. The students will be given the task to design their dream houses in groups of four to five children. They will make sketches, learn how to make floor plans and sections and to make models.

    IMC website

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