Arnhem Central - Bus Terminal


Arnhem, Netherlands, 1997–2002

The Arnhem Central Bus terminal and train station are combined into a new type of complex - an integrated public transportation area. The area is organised as a roofed-over, climate-controlled plaza that interconnects and gives access to trains, taxis, buses, bikes, parking, office spaces and the town centre. The new identity of the station area acknowledges the regional significance of Arnhem. More than 65.000 people pass through the city every day; for many visitors the town starts here. With its central bus stops for regional and local buses and parking facilities, the station area forms the main entrance to the town. The bus terminal is located on ground level above the underground car park.

Client: Municipality of Arnhem
Location: Station area, Arnhem
Building area: 7.500 m²
Programme: Bus Terminal
Status: Realised
Photos: Christian Richters


Ben van Berkel and Caroline Bos with Tobias Wallisser, Jacques van Wijk and Paul Vriend, Nuno Almeida, Katrin Meyer, Phillip Köhler, Marco Hemmerling, Jacco van Wengerden, Sibo de Man

Engineering: Arup, Amsterdam
Structure: Van der Werf & Lankhort, Arnhem