Arnhem Central - Masterplan


Arnhem, Netherlands, 1996–1998

Arnhem Central is a large urban plan development composed of diverse elements which amassed constitute a vibrant transport hub. The masterplan incorporates office space, shops, housing units, a new station hall, a railway platform and underpass, a car tunnel, bicycle storage and a large parking garage. A project with such an intricate set of requirements necessitates a methodological approach that can accommodate the hybrid nature of the development. The dynamic nature of the Deep Planning process allows the locus to fuse elements of time, occupant trajectories and program into an efficient and integral system. Housed under a continuous roof element these programs constitute one of the main thresholds into Arnhem, its architecture adding to the iconography of the city.


Client Consortium: ProRail, Ministry of Infrastructure & the Environment, the Municipality of Arnhem
Delegated principal: ProRail
Location: Stationsplein 38, Arnhem, The Netherlands
Building area: 
Site: ca. 40.000 m2
Floor area: ca. 160.000 m2
Transfer hall (station): 21,750 m², Underground parking: 44,000 m², Bus terminal: 7,500 m², Two office towers: 21,800 m², Public spaces: 45,000m²
Programme: Masterplan, transfer hall, underground parking, bus terminal, two office towers, bicycle storage, railway platforms 
Photography: ©Christian Richters, ©Ronald Tilleman, ©Frank Hanswijk, ©Ronald Tilleman, ©Siebe Swart

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  1996 – 1998
Ben van Berkel and Caroline Bos with Astrid Piber and Sibo de Man, Tobias Wallisser, Freek Loos, Peter Trummer, Henk Bultstra, Edgar Bosman, Nuno Almeida, Oliver Bormann, Yuko Tokunaga, Ulrike Bahr, Ivan Hernandez, Wim Hartman, Remko van Heummen, Jeroen Kreijne, Cees Gajentaan, John Rebel, Andreas Krause

Ben van Berkel with Arjan Dingsté and Misja van Veen, René Toet

Masterplan phase:
Architect: UNStudio
Structural/Civil Engineering, Transport Planning: Arup

Design and specifications phase:
Structural Engineering: Arup (public transport terminal), Van der Werf & Lankhorst (bus station, car park, office square)
MEP: Arcadis
Fire safety: DGMR Bouw BV
Public transport terminal lighting: Arup
Public space lighting: Atelier LEK
Wayfinding: Bureau Mijksenaar
Building specifications: ABT
Landscaping design: Bureau B+B stedebouw en landschapsarchitectuur
Project management to Definitive Design: Arcadis

Engineering and construction of pedestrian tunnel:
Main contractor: Besix-Welling
Tendering phase contractor: Arcadis

Engineering and construction phase 1: pedestrian tunnel and public transport terminal
Main contractor: construction consortium BAM Ballast Arnhem Centrum VOF (BBB, BAM & Ballast Nedam)
Structural engineering, Lighting, Climate and Sustainability: Arup
MEP: BAM Techniek, Unica

Engineering and construction phase 2: public transport terminal
Main contractor: construction consortium OV-Terminal Arnhem (BCOVTA, BAM & Ballast Nedam)
Structural engineer: BAM Advies & Engineering, ABT
MEP: BAM Techniek, Unica