Arnhem Central - Willems Tunnel


Arnhem, Netherlands, 1997–1999

The Willems Tunnel forms part of the masterplan for the Arnhem Central station area. The new identity of the station area acknowledges the regional significance of Arnhem. With its central bus stops for regional and local buses and parking facilities, the station area forms the main entrance to the town. This accentuates the need for good connections to the old centre. Movement studies therefore are the cornerstone of the masterplan; the analysis of the types of movement on location includes the directions of the various trajectories, their prominence in relation to other forms of transportation on the site, duration, links to different programmes, and interconnections. The intersection of different traffic systems is reduced to a minimum to optimise pedestrian accessibility to all facilities.

Client: Municipality of Arnhem
Location: Station area, Arnhem
Programme: Car tunnel
Status: Realised
Photos: Christian Richters


Ben van Berkel, Caroline Bos with Freek Loos, Ger Gijzen, Jacques van Wijk, John Rebel

Engineering: Arup, Amsterdam
Structure: Van der Werf & Lankhort, Arnhem