Auditorium della citta di Padova


Padova, Italy, 2006

Situated at the heart of the monumental cluster
of the Giardini dell’Arena, the petal-like geometry of the proposed design for the building fits seamlessly into the location. The auditorium integrates the existing building into the new structure, whilst its fan-like shape establishes visual coherence with the surroundings. The foyer of the main auditorium is central to the overall organization. This vertical foyer connects the three levels of the structure by means of a large spiral staircase, which in turn creates diagonal visual connections. In the large auditorium the seating arrangement is based on a contemporary re-thinking of the Teatro all’Italliana. The classical loge theatre is updated into a cell-like structure of semi-enclosed spaces, facing the stage and creating intimacy between the performers and the audience.

Client: Municipality of Padova
Location: Padova, Italy 
Programme: Design competition for the new Auditorium for the City of Padova. Multifunctional theatre room used mainly for symphonic orchestras
Building surface: 32.717 m²
Building volume: 196.000 m³
Status: Competition entry


Ben Van Berkel, Astrid Piber with Nuno Almeida and Cristina Bolis, Sebastian Schott, Margherita del Grosso, Elena Machin

D’Apollonia Structure