Battersea Weave Office Building


London, United Kingdom, 2004

Because of the dimensions of building’s footprint it was necessary to introduce voids within the building’s volume to enable daylight penetration. In order for this to be accomplished a geometric strategy was devised, the slight rotation of the floor plates around a number of pivot points whilst an external structural frame makes possible column free office floors. This typology generates both unique courtyards and visual connections.

Client: Parkview international LTD
Location: PowerStation Master plan, London
Building area: 51.000 m²
Programme: Offices
Status/phase: Design


Parkview international LTD, London and ARUP – AGU, London Design

Ben van Berkel, Caroline Bos with Gerard Loozekoot, Astrid Piber and Ger Gijzen, Holger Hoffmann, Colette Parras, Albert Gnodde, Christian Veddeler, Hape Nuenning, Markus Berger, Markus Hudert, Matthew Johnston, Michaela Tomaselli, Elke Uitz, Jeroen Tacx, Louis Gadd, Eric Coppoolse, Jan Schellhoff, Katrin Härtel, Maria Eugenia Diaz, Marie

Morin Masterplan: Arup AGU
Engineering & Building Services: Arup, London
Landscape: West 8, Rotterdam
Lighting: ArupLighting