Boat terminal


Yokohama, Japan, 1994

The basic principle of the competition entry is the structural association of the building and the landscape. Analogous to the urban plan of Yokohama with its grid structure, the project assembles the categorically different codes of architectural structure and softness. The terminal is one of a series of parks and gardens dotted around the bay, offering arriving boat passengers a green view of Yokohama. The building is conceived as a long, meandering walk through a park; each turning brings new views, enclosed spaces alternate with wide open areas. This free arrangement is possible thanks to the solidity of the structural cross, which is the main structuring element. With the same strength and simplicity of the urban grid present in Yokohama, this cross organizes the building, extending the network of urban relationships.

Programme: Boat terminal, retail and restaurants
Status/phase: Competition entry 1994, 2nd prize


Ben van Berkel, Rob Hootsmans, Sanderijn Amsberg, Hugo Beschoor Plug, Henri Borduin, Hanna Euro, Casper le Fèvre, Cees van Giessen, Moriko Kira