Kruunusillat Bridge


Helsinki, Finland, 2012

UNStudio's design for the Kruunusillat Bridge owes much of its figuration to the surrounding landscape and to the historicity of elegant Finnish design. The 2233m long tram, pedestrian and bicycle bridge is composed of a series of faceted modules. The woven diamond shapes segment the Kruunuvuorenselka area into framed vistas of land and sky. Careful attention and study was given to the Helsinki landscape and the urban planning of the city.
Designed through detailed typological structure studies as well as urban analysis, UNStudio’s design is composed of asymmetrical, cantilevered structural modules which are balanced and stable within each unit. The design is a hybrid of the traditional cantilever and cable stayed bridge typologies. Through eliminating the standard stay cables in favour of well proportioned, three dimensional steel profiles that weave along its length, the bridge accomplishes modular integration, an appropriate urban scale, as well as an aesthetic fitting to Finnish Design tradition.
Structurally the continuous nature of the bridge facilitates the asymmetrical load distribution reducing the impact of the heavy tram system in comparison with the pedestrian and bike loads. The structural integrity of the bridge has been designed from both the modular and network levels allowing for a multifaceted view on performance and operability.


Client: City of Helsinki
Location: Helsinki
Length: 2km
Programme: tram/ pedestrian/ bicycle bridge
Status: competition entry

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Ben van Berkel with Arjan Dingsté and Marc Hoppermann, Seyavash Zohoori

Arup (principally responsible for project): Sander den Blanken, Laurent Rus,Jan-Willem Breider (Steel Structures) and Artur Czarnecki (Concrete Structures), Patrick Casey and Daniel Goes (Geotechnical), Laurens Tait, Kelvin Vervuurt, Mia Tsiamis and Vivian Scheepers (Master planning), Simone Collon (lighting), Edwin Thie (sustainability), Richard Hornby (construction sequence), Emma O’Brian and Janet Noone (BoQ), Roel van de Straat (3d), Anthony Cortez, Colin Hanford, Nicole Washington and Jason Sanga (Visualisations)

Landscape: FCG – Finish Consulting Group: Juhana Marttinen, Taina Tuominen