Carnegie Science Center


Pittsburgh, USA, 2000

The design for the extension to the existing Science Center accommodates a new Cyber City exploring the latest technology in virtual reality, robotics, electronics and surgical techniques. The diagonal tower presents diagonally oriented exhibition spaces while an atrium with a ramp connects all seven floor-levels of the tower. A glazed elevator follows the same trajectory as the ramp, dissecting the tower diagonally. The Y-shaped addition consists of three tubes. The two frontal tubes contain exhibition programs, while the third tube takes in visitors from the car and bus parks. There is continuous play on the relations between inside and outside, culminating in a panoramic terrace with a view of downtown. The landscape accommodates all the parking demands while boat commuters are facilitated with a small docking infrastructure at the marina.

Client: Carnegie Science Center
Location: Pittsburgh, USA
Building Area: 160.000 m²
Site area: 53.000 m²
Programme: Visitor service facilities, exhibition areas, education facilities, exhibition support areas, administrative and other offices
Status/phase: Competition design 


Ben van Berkel and Caroline Bos with Igor Kebel and Katrin Klötzer, Sophie Valla, Tanja Koch, Cyntia Morales, Cristina Bolis, Marc Prins, Mika Cimolini, Astrid Piber, Julia Lorenz, Michaela Tomaselli

Ove Arup
Leo Argiris (New York)
Charles Walkers (London)