Changi Airport Complex


Singapore, 2012

The new 125,000m2 development for Changi airport in Singapore is located at the heart of the airport complex and serves to connect the airport’s ensemble of terminals and existing structures.
UNStudio’s design proposal for the new complex offered a blend of nature and mall, with unique attractions that additionally provide an attractive destination for the residents of Singapore. The new structure accommodates food & beverage areas, garden activities, retail areas, lounges and a cineplex and movie themed attraction. The three main components - Attraction, Aviation and Retail are merged to form one programme and are weaved together throughout the building. The garden attraction forms the main thread within the design and is a theme of all the activities in the building. The varied hexagonal units in the double-layered facade control daylight penetration and views while maximising shading in the areas where this is required. UNStudio's design for the new complex presents a high-performance building targeting low consumption energy levels and high standards of comfort.


Client: Far East Organization
Location: Singapore
Building surface: 124,993 m2 total, of which: Retail/Lifestyle 84,568 m2, Aviation Facilities 14,098 m2 and Attractions 26,327 m2
Building site: Ca. 3.5 ha
Programme: Aviation related mixed-use complex with aviation facilities, retail and additional attractions
Status: Competition entry


UNStudio: Ben van Berkel, Astrid Piber with Nuno Almeida, Juliane Maier, Ariane Stracke and Martin Zangerl, Rodrigo Cañizares, Stefano Rocchetti, Shuang Zhang, Jan Rehders, Albert Gnodde, Thomas van Bekhoven, Mo Lai

Local architect: ONG&ONG, Singapore