Ciudad del Motor


Alcaniz, Aragon, Spain, 2006

The Cuidad del motor project is the centerpiece of the new world-class racing site. The building is organized like a continuous loop with two crossing points. The loop houses the various programmatic elements and the complimentary program. The design is based on generating the maximum interaction between building and surrounding, especially the tracks, providing multiple experiences to the visitor. The architectural expression combines elements of movement, landscape, technology and public construction. The four principal programmatic elements: technology, sports, leisure and culture are translated into a mix of complementary programs catering to a large and diverse audience. Through the integration of carefully assembled programs into one coherent building organization, an attractive and sustainable environment is created.


Client: La Ciudad del Motor
Location: Alcaniz, Aragon, Spain
Building area: 70.000 m²
Programme: Mixed use: shopping mall, experience park, museum, hotel, multifunctional hall, housing
Status/Phase: Competition entry


Ben van Berkel, Tobias Wallisser with René Wysk, Hamit Kaplan and Moritz Reichartz, Elena Machin, Diogo Aguiar, Marc Herschel, Timothy Mitanidis, Adolfo Nadal, Sebastian Schott, Altan Altan Arslanoglu

Visualisation: rendertaxi, Aachen