Competition on-line and off-line shop


Zurich, Switzerland, 2000

The shop is more than a shop; it is a lively and stimulating environment in which users encounter a variety of cultural expressions compatible with their lifestyle, such as fashion, music, art and entertainment. The shop is also a gallery; it offers free internet access, at night turns into a lounge, and hosts facilities for toasting music. The shop of the future articulates a more hybrid approach than ever before and, very importantly, both through its concept and design, signals its integrity to an increasingly sophisticated audience.

Client:, Zürich
Location:, Zürich, Switzerland - and global
Programme: Interior design concept for an on-line and off-line internet shop
Status/phase: Competition


Ben van Berkel, Caroline Bos, Tobias Wallisser and Igor Kebel, with the assistance of: Nuno Almeida and Sonja Cabalt