Creative Zone


Beijing, China, 2009

The Beijing Creative Zone represents the urban typology needed for a new open learning environment in 'Urbanity in Nature'. The design for the Creative Zone encompasses compression on a dual scale; the greenbelt and the urban fabric.  The urban fabric of the edge is formed by the interweaving of two distinct yet highly interconnected strips. In the creation of an Architectural Park, ateliers and pavilions are organised on the basis of the Chinese garden's emphasis of “One View Per Step”. The parkland becomes an international showcase of experimental projects and emerging design practices.  By implementing the four clusters of a products life cycle ‘Think, Develop, Produce and Sell’ as a continuous loop of activity, one creates a platform for all steps of the process towards product sales.


Client: People’s Government of Yanqing County, Beijing Municipality, Beijing Institute of Architectural Design
Location: Yanqing, Beijing, China
Building area: 145.119 m²
Building site area: 210.152 m²
Programme: Creative zone masterplan
Status: Competition entry 1st prize


Ben van Berkel, Caroline Bos with Markus van Aalderen, Yi Cheng Pan and Mieneke Dijkema, Ren Yee, Clarissa Alfrink, Megan Ng, Maud van Hees, Wendy van der Knijff, Jae Young Lee

Advisor urban development: dcu, Pablo Vaggione
Advisor sustainability: Arup Shanghai