Dalian Football Stadium


Dalian, China, 2009

The design for the 40,000 spectator, 38,500 m2 football stadium - inspired by the colourful layering and overlapping of the ancient Chinese cuju football - weaves together the collective spirit of the spectators with the public realm and the urban context of the building. The main stadium houses spectator seating, TV broadcasting centre, administration areas, VIP lounge, players facilities and public concourse in a layered envelope which extends on ground level to provide outdoor public areas above decked parking facilities. In addition, the design incorporates two training fields on the 144,000 m2 site.

Client: Dalian City Bureau of Urban Planning
Location: Dalian, China
Building surface: 38,500 m²
Building site: 144,000 m²
Capacity: 40,000 spectators
Programme: Football stadium with two additional training grounds
Status: Competition 1st prize

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