Dream House


Berlin, Germany, 1996–1997

The design for Dream House is based on a concept of seamless transitions between exterior and interior. This is effectuated by introducing diagonal space, blurring transitional zones. The core of the house is not formed by a staircase, but by a void. The spaces wrap themselves around this void, allowing light penetration into the core of the house. The smooth transition between spaces characterizes the diagonal organization of function and infrastructure; the living room flows out into the garden in the same way as the garden extends through into the living room. The floor plans are expressed as undulating layers, rather than planar surfaces, so that the horizon and variations in light levels can be perceived differently and endlessly throughout the house.

Client: Anonymous
Location: Berlin, Germany
Building area: 500 m²
Programme: Single family house
Status/phase: Design 1997


Ben van Berkel with Gianni Cito, Thomas Dürner, Astrid Schmeing