Driftwood & Silk Squares


Parador Laminates Edition 'No Limits', 2008

The two designs for the Parador Edition 'No Limits' focus on the dualism between the artificial and the natural, creating ‘naturally artificial’ flooring for use in a variety of locations, including retail, office, housing, hotels or public buildings.
The dualism between the natural products wood and silk, and the artificiality of laminate flooring is expressed by linking various elements from outside to the inside, whilst acknowledging and extending the act of simulation. In these designs the floor is seen as furniture; facilitating and accommodating lifestyle, whilst simultaneously functioning as a binding element between individual interior ingredients.

Client: Parador
Location: Coesfeld, Germany
Size: Length 1285 mm, width 400 mm, thickness 8 mm.
Materials: HDF with digital printed decor with melamine overlay


Ben van Berkel, Caroline Bos with Martijn Prins and Arne Nielsen, Florian Heinzelman, Steffen Riegas.