Erasmus Bridge


Rotterdam, Netherlands 1990–1996

Constructed to facilitate the orchestration of traffic flows, the bridge design is inspired by, and in turn reflects, the industrial character of Rotterdam, adding to the narrative of the city. The bridge operates as the last crossing point between the Northern and Southern areas of the city, whilst its structural scale and design articulation has become a distinctive landmark within the surrounding skyline.

Client: Ontwikkelingsbedrijf Rotterdam, Netherlands
Location: Crossing the river Maas, Rotterdam
Total length bridge: 802 m
Top Pylon bridge: 139 m
Programme: Single pylon bridge
Status/phase: Realized 1996
Photos: Christian Richters

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Ben van Berkel with Freek Loos, Hans Cromjongh and Ger Gijzen, Willemijn Lofvers, Sibo de Man, Gerard Nijenhuis, Manon Patinama, John Rebel, Ernst van Rijn, Hugo Schuurman, Caspar Smeets, Paul Toornend, Jan Willem Walraad, Dick Wetzels, Karel Vollers

Engineering: Ingenieursbureau Gemeentewerken Rotterdam, Rotterdam
Contractor steel works: Grootint, Dordrecht
Contractor concrete works: MBG/CFE, Brussel/Antwerpen