European Central Bank


Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 2003

The site is conceived as a landscape in which the building elements are integrally placed, providing optimum security while using landscape as a binding factor. The design of the new building houses the core ECB activities spread over 30 office layers. Due to the spherical shape of the building, each floor plate is shaped differently. A vertical void rises through the core, with staff restaurant facilities forming a three floor, solid heart of this void. A green column wraps the void as a vertical greenhouse contributing to the sustainable environment. The functional integration of the existing Grossmarkthalle is achieved by utilizing this building for the more public aspects of the ECB program, such as press and visitor centre, library, archiving and storage.

Client: European Central Bank
Location: Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Building area: 120.000 m²
Program: Competition for the New Premises of the European Central Bank in Frankfurt am Main
Status/phase: Competition design


Ben van Berkel, Caroline Bos and Tobias Wallisser with Holger Hoffmann and Cynthia Markhoff, Khoi Tran, Markus Hudert, Ken Okonkwo. GL Form: Greg Lynn, Florencia Pita, Chris Kabatse, Nathalie Rinne, Jackilin Hah

KK Architects: Kevin Kennon, Pablo Jendretski, Cordula Roser, Gisela Vidalle, Veronica Zallberg, Taylor Aikin
Imaginary Forces: Mikon van Gastel, Tali Krakowsky
Consultants Harald Kloft, Office for Structural Design: with Viktor Wilhelm, Tanja Hoffmann, Florian Maehl