European School


Strasbourg, France, 2011

The design for the European School envisages a unique typology by means of integrating three levels of schooling into one building. A nursery school, and primary and secondary schools are brought together around a main central square, referencing other European institutes in Strasbourg.
The interpersonal contact between the students is an important factor in the design, which contributes to inspiring the children and encouraging them to learn by moving. Each school level is organised around a patio which is placed on different levels. This important focal point characterises the design of the school towards the creation of a safe and homely environment in which the students can develop and grow.
The objective to stimulate the students and create a space where they can develop their creativity and inquisitiveness has been extended to the surrounding area and the landscape design. The series of inner patios form part of a green corridor where the students can interact and have their senses stimulated in a safe, natural environment.
As a way of connecting this natural corridor with the building and in order to build upon the idea of creating a pleasant, stimulating environment, colour and natural building materials are used. In addition to creating a comfortable, natural surrounding a primary concern in the design is to create an energy neutral and highly efficient building.


Client: Ville de Strasbourg
Location: Strasbourg, France
Building surface: gross 10.200m2
Building volume: 22353m3
Building site: 19617m2
Programme: School
Status: Competition entry


Ben van Berkel, Gerard Loozekot with Wesley Lanckriet and Deepak Jawahar, Filippo Lodi, Joerg Petri, Milena Stopic, Miguel Noë, Perrine Planché, Patrik Noome, Didar Hussein, Ali Asghar

Local architect: Antonelli Herry Architectes
Daylight advisors: Arup
Engineering: OTE Ingenierie
Sustainability: Otélio (group OTE)
Acoustics: Euro sound project
Landscape: Linder Paysage
Visualisations moka-studio