Exhibition Design: Constant. Space + Colour


Cobra Museum of Modern Art, Amstelveen, Netherlands, 2016

Constant. Space + Colour shows the experimental route that Constant Nieuwenhuys followed between his Cobra period and the New Babylon project in the 1950s and includes large-scale architectural constructions created in collaboration with, among others, Gerrit Rietveld and Aldo van Eyck.
The concept for UNStudio’s exhibition design is based on the exploratory processes in Constant's work. In the period between 1952 and 1959 a marked development can be seen, however in later work the artist returns to and incorporates ideas from an earlier period. As a result, UNStudio’s exhibition design creates a labyrinthine route through the exhibition, allowing visitors to experience the chronology of Constant's development through choreographed sight lines and spatial relationships.
A series of dark lines, which run through the exhibition and visually connect the various wall modules, form the basis of the exhibition design, framing perspectives and echoing the clear geometric structure in Constant’s work. The lines in the exhibition design translate into the spatial concept of a labyrinth: a dynamic concept of space that enables the viewer to discover new connections between the displayed works.
The lighting, use of colour and the graphic design for the exhibition are intentionally understated, in order that the viewer may have undisturbed views of the works and the possibility to draw connections between the developments that took place in this period of Constant Nieuwenhuys’ production.


Client / Location: Cobra Museum of Modern Art, Amstelveen
Building surface: 1200m2
Programme:  Exhibition Architecture
Status: Completed
- ©Peter Tijhuis / Cobra Museum for Modern Art
(All works by Constant: ©Constant/Fondation Constant c/o Pictoright Amsterdam 2016)
- Tom Haartsen / ©Constant/Fondation Constant c/o Pictoright Amsterdam 2016


UNStudio: Ben van Berkel with Christian Veddeler and Machteld Kors, Philipp Meise, Mathias Karuzys

Graphic Design: Lex Reitsma, Haarlem
Construction/Light: Cobra Museum of Modern Art