Exhibition Motion Matters


Harvard University Graduate School of Design, Cambridge, MA, USA, 2010–2011

Motion Matters presents six of UNStudio’s pavilions, each one illustrating architectural and urban issues being tested in real matter. UNStudio has been experimenting with the typology of the temporary installation for some time, which has resulted in a series. The exhibition shows that this serialization itself is an important aspect of this typology and further explores different readings, interpretations, and perceptions of the featured temporary installations. By moving through the exhibition, shifting perspectives appear, demonstrating the visual and spatial effects of new, more dynamic, materializations. Each pavilion featured in the exhibition highlights one particular topic; the six topics - interrelated yet specific - are: Transitional Typology, Urban Lobbies, Crossing Points, Kinetic Platforms, After Image and Switching On/Off.


Client: Harvard University
Location: Lobby, Gund Hall, 48 Quincy St, Cambridge, MA 02138
Programme: exhibition design
Status: Realised (21st January 2011 - 6th March 2011)
Photos: Justin Knight

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Ben van Berkel and Caroline Bos with Christian Veddeler, Machteld Kors, Imola Berczi, Cristina Bolis, Adi Utama, Chris Masicampo, Hajdin Dragusha
Graphics: Bloemendaal & Dekkers

Graduate School of Design:
Mohsen Mostafavi, Dean, Alexander and Victoria Wiley Professor of Design
Preston Scott Cohen, Gerald M. McCue Professor in Architecture and Chair of the Department of Architecture
Pat Roberts, Executive Dean

Exhibition Team:
Dan Borelli, Shannon Stecher, David Stuart, Melissa Vaughn, Amanda Heighes, Reid Schwartz, Joanna Vouriotis, Jef Czekaj, Jeremy Roby, Alex DeMaria, Dave Curry, Sarah Lubin, Cyrille Conan, Jesus Matheus