Exhibition Design Schirn Kunsthalle


Envisioning Architecture, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 2003

The exhibition ‘Vision and Utopias’ introduced with the extended drawing collection from the MoMA, a new perspective on the traditional architectural drawings. The 70 meters long and 10 meters broad exhibition space requested a special treatment of the exhibition infrastructure. To avoid a one-way tour through the exhibition, the lay-out with various sightlines through the space, enabled the visitors to compare drawings from different decades. The exhibition walls hung like paper from the ceiling. The floor area was free and the spectator could pick their own trail through the ‘hanging walls’.

Client: Schirn Kunsthalle
Location: Römerberg, D-60311 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Building area: 700 m²
Programme: Exhibition design ‘Visions and Utopias’ - Architectural drawings from the MoMA New York
Status: Realized (29 April – 3 August 2003)
Photos: Christian Richters

UNStudio: Ben van Berkel and Caroline Bos with Machteld Kors, Boudewijn Rosman, Cynthia Markhoff