Eye_Beacon Pavilion


Amsterdam Light Festival, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2016

Designed In partnership with MDT-tex, the Amsterdam Light Festival Info Booth Pavilion serves as both an attraction point and a ticketing/information booth for people visiting the festival.
The inspiration for the design of the pavilion originated from the theme of this year’s festival: biomimicry. The design is specifically inspired by the deep sea world, where living organisms counteract the darkness of their environment by employing bioluminescence - often hypnotic pulsating light - as an attraction and communication mechanism. This magical vivid world formed the starting point for the sculptural, yet functional pavilion.
For the structure, two cube forms are connected to one another by twisting surfaces. The double curved surface joining the two cube sections is created between two rotated lines of different lengths. This results in panels with uneven dimensions and therefore requires the parametric optimisation of these surfaces to ensure efficient design, fabrication and installation.
In partnership with MDT-tex, all surfaces of the pavilion are constructed from tensile textile modules that together create a pattern of openings and reveal glimpses of the interior. Focused LED projections present gradient color changes on the inside of the tensile structure, resulting in a constantly changing composition of light and colour.


Client: Amsterdam Light Festival
Location: Blauwbrug, Amsterdam, NL
Programme:  information and ticket booth for Light Festival walking tour
Max. height: 7.2 m
Length: 12.6 m
Envelope area: 230m²
Number of modules: 250
Axial symmetry
Status: Completed
Photos: © Janus van den Eijnden

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UNStudio: Ben van Berkel with William de Boer, Rob Henderson and Piotr Kluszczynski 

MDT-tex : Markus Müller with R&D-Team led by Dr. Shankar Jha

Lighting Supply and Installation: Zumtobel
Lighting Content Consultant: Florian Licht, Licht & Soehne