Galleria Department Store interior


Seoul, South-Korea, 2003–2004

The Galleria Department Store project had two main goals. The first was a new façade that projects a lively, ever changing surface and the second was the renovation of the interior into a luxurious integrated design. Inspired by the catwalk the customer finds himself immersed in the world of fashion while moving through the generous corridors. The interior design focuses on the elimination of superfluous details and introduces two new integrated Big Details; the escalator which becomes a moving event space, and the ceiling lighting which becomes a device providing a fluent directionality and dynamics to the shop floors. For the main circulation corridors (catwalks) the lighting is integrated within the dropped ceiling. The illumination of the corridor is designed as a continuous lighting element in the form of linear rails which follow the directions of the pathways below. 

Galleria Centercity Facade



Client: Hanwha Stores Co., LTD
Location: Hanwha Stores Co., Ltd. / 515, Apgujung-dong / Kangnam-ku / Seoul 135-110 / Korea
Building area: Façade 3.278 m², interior 21.986 m²
Programme: Façade design, refurbishment of interior, design of interior furniture
Status/phase: Realized December 2004
Photos: Christian Richters

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UNStudio (Architect Schematic Design and Design Development phase)
Ben van Berkel and Caroline Bos with Astrid Piber, Ger Gijzen, Cristina Bolis, Markus Hudert, Colette Parras, Arjan van der Bliek, Christian Veddeler, Albert Gnodde, Richard Crofts, Barry Munster, Mafalda Bothelo, Elke Uitz, Harm Wassink

Structural engineers: Arup & Partners, Arjan Habraken (Schematic Design)
Lighting Design: Arup Lighting, Rogier van der Heide IALD , Simone Collon
Wayfinding Design: Bureau Mijksenaar, Martijn Geerdes (Design Development)

Executive Architects
Façade Design: RAC – Rah Architecture Consulting Executive architects
Interior Design: Kesson International Executive
Lighting Design: Eon/SLD

Façade Construction: Dongshin C G E Co. Ltd, Dongshin Glass Co. Ltd.
Façade Lighting: Xilver B.V.
Interior Construction: Hanwha Engineering & Construction Corp.
Façade Construction: Hanwha Engineering & Construction Corp.