Giro Cutlery Set


Alessi, 2016

In the Giro cutlery set a twist originates from the point where the handle transforms into blade and graduates along the length of the utensils. A three finger concept for the holding and balance of the cutlery has been adopted in the design. The weight of the cutlery transfers from the lifting position to the position when in use, thereby supporting and balancing the utensils in both situations.
The architectural twist has been a key feature in the design of a number of UNStudio projects of varying scales - from buildings to pavilions - and has now been adapted in the design for the Giro cutlery set. In Giro the architectural curve is scaled down and transformed into a tactile framework on the human scale, one that is directly related to the body and to touch. The ergonomic silhouette that is created by a gradual transformation effects a dynamic motion frozen in solid material and presents a balance between the modern and the classical.

The Giro cutlery family will consist of the following items:
-Dessert fork
-Dessert knife
-Pastry fork
-Coffee spoon
-Serving Spoon
-Serving fork
-Salad set
-Cake server


Client: Alessi
Location: Omegna-Crusinallo
Description: Giro cutlery set, 14 pieces
Finish: polished stainless steel
Status: introduced January 2017
Photos: ©Alessandro Milani & ©Mike De Pasquale, courtesy of Alessi


UNStudio: Ben van Berkel with William de Boer and Gokcen Dadas, Jason Panayotou, Lei Yu, Melle Grossl, Rick Booijink, Thomas Blundell

Alessi: Alberto Alessi, Massimo Bortott with Pietro Bevilacqua and Silvano Guglielmazzi