Groninger Forum


Groningen, The Netherlands, 2006

The Groninger Forum is a lively podium for information, presentation and participation, where interaction and flexibility play a central role. The building is designed to fit seamlessly into its surroundings, whilst offering a new prototype for interdisciplinary relationships. The main occupants of the building – museum, library, cinema and archive – collaborate on activity and event programs, creating a varied and dynamic venue. Along with the numerous meeting places for visitors – news café, restaurant, bookshop, roof terrace, sky lounge and zig-zagging escalators - the architecture supports and encourages this collaboration and the participation of the public. The glass façade also plays an important role in the relationship between the city and the building. This transparent façade forms an interactive, three-dimensional media screen, whilst facilitating views of the activity taking place inside.


Client: Municipality of Groningen
Location: Groningen
Building area: 7000 m²
Program: Mixed-use development including library, museum, cinema, auditorium, congress center, lunch cafe, restaurant, sky lounge, offices, creche and underground parking.
Status/phase: Competition phase


Ben van Berkel and Caroline Bos, Gerard Loozekoot with Lars Nixdorff, Kristin Sandner and Silvan Oesterle, Jacques van Wijk, Machteld Kors, Leon Bloemendaal, Mendel Robbers, Colette Parras, Nanang Santoso, Jesca de Vries, Hanka Drdlova, Juergen Heinzel, Adriana Schein, Katrin Zauner

Arup Amsterdam
BBN – Houten
Thinc Design, New York

Visualisation: rendertaxi, Aachen