Het Valkhof Museum


Nijmegen, Netherlands, 1995–1999

The Valkhof museum is designed as a hybrid space, combining areas for exhibition, contemplation and social meeting. Two main structures organise the museum: the staircase and the ceiling. The staircase forms the structural core of the building and the link with the café, library, museum and the central hall. The ceiling, meanwhile, houses all the installations and its architectural articulation gives coherency to the museum experience.

Client: Het Valkhof Museum
Location: Kelfkensbos 59, Nijmegen, Netherlands
Building area: 8.800 m²
Programme: Museum for archeology and Contemporary Art
Status/phase: Realized March 1998
Photos: Christian Richters

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Ben van Berkel, Henri Snel and Rob Hootsmans, Remco Bruggink, Jacco van Wengerden, Hugo Beschoor Plug, Marc Dijkman, Florian Fischer, Carsten Kiselowsky, Walther Kloet, Florian Fischer, Carsten Kiselowsky, Luc Veeger

Project management: Berns Projekt Management, Arnhem; Haskoning, Nijmegen
Technical management: ABT Bouwkostenservice, Velp
Technical consultants: Ketel Raadgevende Ingenieurs, Delft; Adviesbureau voor Bouwtechniek, Arnhem
Building contractors: Nelissen van Egteren Bouw, Venray; Blitta BV, Venray; Verwol projectafbouw, Opmeer; electronical installations GTI, Arnhem