Hotel and Hamam


Castell, Zuoz, Switzerland, 2001–2004

The Hotel Castell in Zuoz is spectacularly situated offering stunning views towards the Engadin valley. In the hotel’s second phase of rigorous modernization UNStudio has realized a new apartment building with 14 luxury dwellings, newly designed half of the rooms in the existing Hotel as well as extensively renovating the basement. In the remodeling of the historic hotel’s basement the traditional Hamam design has been reinterpreted creating an atmosphere of quiet contemplation. Areas of movement and rest are arranged fluently around cylindrical rooms washed with different colored lights.

Client: Castell Zuoz AG
Location: Zuoz, Switzerland
Building area: Apartment building 3.000 m2/ parking building: 1.100m2/ hotel kitchen: 400 m2/ hamam: 260 m2/ hotel rooms: 700m2
Program: Apartment building, hotel renovation, hamam, hotel rooms
Status/phase: Realized December 2004
Photos: Christian Richters

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Ben van Berkel with Olaf Gipser and Pablo Rica, Sebastian Schaeffer, Andrew Benn, Dag Thies, Eric den Eerzamen, Ron Roos, Claudia Dorner, Martin Kuitert , Marco Hemmerling, Sophie Valla, Tina Bayerl, Peter Irmscher

Executive architect: Walter Dietsche AG, Chur
Structural engineering: Edy Toscano AG, Pontresina MEP
Engineering: Juerg Bulach AG, St. Moritz; Kaelin AG, St. Moritz; Giston AG, Samedan
Building Physics: Kuster + Partner AG, Chur