New York, USA, 1999

In this competition new features are identified to constitute Manhattan as model for the global city. Extensive surveys generated diagrams visualizing the existing user flows related to program, time and location. The diagrams map the performance of Manhattan in order to extract parameters for the development of the site. The proposal for the researched area between the 23rd and 42nd street, was to relocate facilities and combine them in effective clusters, which results in well-functioning mixed use areas including all parameters – critical packages. A critical package for the global city is the optimal combination of factors for the site to function effectively with respect to programs, construction, economy, political and feasibility.

Client: CCA
Location: West Manhattan 42nd -23rd Street, New York, USA
Program: Urban proposal
Status/phase: Competition entry

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Ben van Berkel with Caroline Bos, Tobias Wallisser, Olaf Gipser, Hans Sterck, Jasper Jaegers, Philip Koehler, Stephanie Kulmann, Bas Kwaaitaal, Alexander Jung, Ludo Grooteman, Remco Bruggink, Andreas Bogenschütz

Urban (Vienna): Armin Hess, Susanne Boyer
Ove Arup (London): Cecil Balmond, David Johnston, Paul Whitehouse, Juan Alavo
Office 21 Fraunhofer IAO (Stuttgart): Alexander Rieck, Stephan Zinser