International Investment Square


Beijing, China, 2009

The buildings in the master plan for the International Investement Square in Beijing fall into two distinct categories, low rise buildings and towers. The urban organisation utilizes a consistent distribution of buildings in rings of various shapes and sizes, with each building encircling an internal courtyard. The building programme is distributed over three distinct yet interrelated neighbourhoods. Each of these is subdivided again in order to generate a new level of privacy and individuality. A third level is introduced by the semi-public courtyards at the core of the enclosed building blocks. The shapes of the roofs are articulated so as to achieve a harmonious and coherent master plan, as well as ensuring good sun orientation and excellent views for the apartments.


Client: Beijing Guorui Real Estate Development co., ltd.
Location: Economic-Technological Development Area Plots 35C1, 35G1, Beijing, China
Building surface: 420000 m2
Building volume: 140000 m3
Building site: 118975 m2
Programme: Mix-Use: Soho (170000sqm), Office (170000sqm), Business Hotel (30000sqm), Retail (20000sqm), Apartment (30000sqm), Music Hall (5000)
Status: Competition entry

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Ben van Berkel, Caroline Bos, Astrid Piber with Hannes Pfau, Luis Etchegorry, Hans Peter Nuenning and Kristina Madsen, Malaica Cimenti, Junjie Yan, Shi Yang, Veronica Baraldi, Nannang Santoso, Albert Gnodde, Ramon van der Heijden, Jeorg Lonkwitz

Engineering Consultant: ARUP Shanghai, China; Arup International Consultants (Shanghai)Co., Ltd
Cost Assessment: WT Partner, Beijing China