La Tour


Apeldoorn, Netherlands, 1999–2000

With a height of 75 meters, the tower of ‘La Tour’ is an important landmark for the northern section of the city of Apeldoorn. The tower is situated in the green zone "Vellertdijk", within viewing distance of the A1, and is located at a junction between two important access roads. The one route is markedly urban, whereas the other is of a more rural character. The development of a business complex has been started close to this road intersection. The tower forms a 'gateway' to the business site behind it. The towers are shaped in a way that interacts closely with the environment. The furling and unfurling of wall surfaces can be traced directly back to the program, the location and the infrastructure.

Client: Eurocommerce, Deventer
Location: Tweelingenlaan 153, 7324 AR, Apeldoorn, the Netherlands
Building area: 6308 m2
Programme: Office
Status/phase: Realized 2000


Ben van Berkel with Ludo Grooteman, Henri Snel, Yuri Werner, Ron Roos