Living Tomorrow


Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 2000–2003

Living Tomorrow is a temporary building. The project gives an insight in the most innovative technologies that could be integrated in future daily life and working environments. The aim to be the most innovative means that five years after the opening, the building will be demolished. It is expected that in 2007 all things exhibited and integrated in the building will be out of date and probably already part of the daily life. In the pavilion visitors can get acquainted with the products and services, which can enhance the quality of living or working in the near future. On the ground floor the entrance, auditorium, event hall, exhibition room, administration and kitchen are located. On the four levels above, more exhibition rooms, a small restaurant and other secondary facilities are situated.

Client: Living Tomorrow, Mr. Beliën
Program: Future oriented living- and working prototype, temporary building (5 years), a showroom
Building Area: Approx. 3.500m2
Status/phase design: 2000 - 2001
Realisation: 2002
Photography: Christian Richters


Design UNStudio
Ben van Berkel with Igor Kebel, Aad Krom, Martin Kuitert, Markus Berger Ron Roos

Executive Architect: Bart Thijs