London Meander Bridge


Nine Elms-Pimlico, London, UK, 2015

The primary design driver for the London Meander Bridge is the ambition to create a bridge that ensures unimpeded access to and from the bridge for cyclists and pedestrians. Meandering ramps echo the figural flow of the River Thames and provide a smooth ascent and descent from the bridge for cyclists, rendering the bridge fully integrated into the existing biking infrastructure of London. Pedestrians ascend and descend along staircases into a new community square on the Pimlico side, and a vibrant new public space on the Nine Elms, balancing a goal of preservation with that of urban transformation.
On the side of the historic Pimlico Gardens, the mature Plane trees and grass areas for community use are preserved, maintaining a green area of respite and relaxation. The landing of the cycle and pedestrian bridge provides the opportunity to create a new community square near the activity of the boat house. Lighting at night will be subdued, creating safe access for cyclists and pedestrians without over lighting the gardens.
Nine Elms on the South Bank is a neighbourhood in rapid transformation from an industrial quarter into London’s largest regeneration zone. The landing reflects this dynamic, exciting urban character with a new artisan cycle hub and café located in the bend of the cycle bridge adjacent to the river walk. Lighting can be bright, colourful and exuberant, in contrast to the more restrained nature of the Northern bank.


Client: The London Borough of Wandsworth
Location: London, England, UK
Programme: Concept design for a new cycle and pedestrian bridge across the River Thames in London, between Nine Elms and Pimlico
Status: Competition entry


UNStudio: Ben van Berkel with Wouter de Jonge, Imola Berczi and Milena Stopic, Jay Tsai, Kristoph Nowak, Yuxiao He, Kris Ki Yoon Kil

Engineering: Buro Happold
Landscape Design: Gustafson Porter
Mobility & Cycling: Goudappel Coffeng
Lighting Design: Speirs + Major
Placemaking: Future City