Luxexpo Exhibition Centre and Kirchberg Station


Luxembourg, 2010

Located on the most important axis of Luxembourg, the site of the Luxexpo Exhibition Centre and Kirchberg Station becomes a strategic infrastructural node where international, regional and local traffic merges. The new urban pole that is created at the site is articulated by three main elements: the new Kirchberg Station, the intermodal exchange and the reformulated Exhibition Centre. The aim of the design is to create a unified urban structure in which diverse infrastructural and public elements merge together to form one building. The Kirchberg Station is designed to be a terminal station which provides the possibility for a future extension of the train tracks towards the city centre, while the exhibition centre Luxexpo becomes a communicative hub promoting exhibits in an innovative and high-quality environment.


Client: Fonds d'Urbanisation et d'Aménagement du Plateau de Kirchberg
Location: Kirchberg, Luxembourg
Building surface: 60000m2 (Luxexpo) + 12500m2 (station) + 49000m2 (parking)
Building volume: 680000m3 (Luxexpo + 22500m3 (station) + 208000m3 (parking)
 Programme: Mixed Use: Exhibition and Conference Center, Train station, Tram and Bus stations Hotel, Parking
Status: Competition entry


Ben van Berkel, Caroline Bos with Arjan Dingsté, Marianthi Tatari and Sander Versluis, Joerg Lonkwitz, Kristoph Nowak, Tomas Mokry

Local Architect: Ballini, Pitt and Partners, Luxembourg
Engineering: ARUP, Amsterdam