UNStudio Tower


Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2006–2009

The UNStudio Tower is located on the South Axis in Amsterdam, which connects Schiphol Airport to the major business areas of Amsterdam South. The Tower office typology incorporates considerations about required office layouts, and floor organizations that maximize views and access to light. Four inset voids were introduced on the façade of the building to allow for the internal clustering of offices, and to help bring daylight deeper into the floor. Each of the inset voids is characterized by a different colour, providing varying identities to individual spaces throughout the building. The horizontal stripes on the façade are made of white aluminum panels which vary in size in relation their position on the facade. A primary function of these bands is to protect the office space from direct sunlight, whilst simultaneously allowing extensive daylight penetration into the floors.


Client: Mahler 4 VOF, Consortium G&S Vastgoed, ASR Vastgoed, ING Real Estate
Location: Gustav Mahlerlaan, Zuid-as, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Programme: Offices
Building area: 28.280 m²
Volume: 118.878 m³
Height: 85m, 21 floors
Status/phase: Realised
Photography: Christian Richters & Inga Powilleit

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Ben van Berkel, Gerard Loozekoot with Wouter de Jonge, Erwin Horstmanshof and Holger Hoffman, Kristin Sandner, Miklos Deri, Jesca de Vries, Nanang Santoso, Lucas Galehr, Dennis Ruarus

Executive architect: van den Oever Zaaijer & Partners
Technical Engineering: Van Rossum, Amsterdam
Installations: Techniplan, Rotterdam
Contractor: G&S bouw