Masterplan and Station Area


Basauri, Bilbao, Spain, 2006-2011

In 2006 a series of studies of the city of Basauri (part of the Greater Bilbao conurbation) were undertaken at a strategic level. UNStudio participated in one of these early studies, guided by Arup, for the regeneration of the municipality as a whole. Following a decision to focus the scale of development on the centre of the city, UNStudio was invited by BR2000 to make a masterplan proposal for the station area of Basauri.

The aim of UNStudio’s master plan for Basauri’s station area is to provide the centre of the city with a distinct new identity and to reconnect areas fragmented by its former train depot and rail track network. In UNStudio’s master plan new connectivity is largely achieved through the addition of layered diagonal crossings to the existing street pattern of Basauri, which provide a network of new pedestrian connections. The areas between the crossings appear as a chain of green pockets which form a soft urban corridor and provide safe, recreational space with a renewed sense of connectivity, ease of mobility and social interaction for the residents of Basauri.

The proposed masterplan adds three new landmark buildings at the border of the masterplan area, whilst a series of low rise buildings along the borders of the area follow the chain of green pockets and reflect the height of the existing adjacent buildings. The new Basauri train station is fully integrated within the chain of green pockets and creates a central public moment. It appears as an underground station, with its sculptural roof forming the shape of two inclined wings. The area above the train tracks and platform is covered and transformed into a sequence of urban squares, with the station at their centre.


Client: Bilbao Ria 2000, Bilbao
Location: Basauri, Spain
Programme: Urban masterplan study and masterplan for station area, including buildings for housing and retail spaces, a new station, a park and a sequence of urban squares.
Status: Masterplan proposal

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