Masterplan Hall 11


IMM Cologne Furniture Fair, 2008

UNStudio generated an ‘urban masterplan’, based on the hall as a cityscape with its own grid of roads. Within this grid, different ‘streets’ of variable widths are colour-coded, resulting in  the clustering of identifiable themes and groupings of stands. Wall and floor coverings are used provide the colour-coding .
The display stands offer a variation of appearances towards the surrounding streets, from open and inviting to exclusive and introverted. This differentiation of appearances contributes, like street facades in a city, to the identity of the ‘public realm’.
The aim is to create a cohesive whole for the layout of the fair, whilst providing different kinds of impressions thereby assisting and encouraging the movement of flows around the displays, similar to moving between neighborhoods in a city.


Longest street: 120m
Total length of all streets: 4300m
Total surface of the floor coverings: 17000m2
Total covering of walls and staircases: 3000m2
Photography: Roland Borgmann


Ben van Berkel, Caroline Bos with René Wysk, Cristina Bolis and Daniela Hake, Jürgen Heinzel, Cynthia Markhoff, Isak Birgersson, Florian Zschüttig, Adriana Schein