Masterplan Hangzhou New District


Hangzhou, China, 2010

Hangzhou has long been known for its lake district and green tea plantations. UNStudio’s approach to the masterplan for the New District therefore embraces Hangzhou’s longstanding natural and fertile identity whilst connecting the Old City Centre with the new Central Business District.
Through the addition of a new and important railway hub, a new urban centrality is generated. By means of green corridors, water corridors, loose plantation structure, green roofs, urban cooling and warming strategy, green courtyards and sustainable living, the New District masterplan aims to bring Hangzhou to the forefront as the most advanced and sustainable urban plan of its scale. A comprehensive analysis of programme and site specific organisational principles has been used to rationalise connections with larger networks and integrate diverse parameters into a coherent design solution. The design aims to provide a sustainable approach in terms of ecology, economy and social cohesion by introducing a variety of public and commercial spaces which are strongly linked to the natural landscape. Within this new development both commercial development and amenable social locations reinforce each other through interconnection. The green design strategy aims to create a synergy between the environment and its users by offering spaces where high green density becomes a social and economical indicator for quality of life.



Client: Hangzhou Railway Investment Co., Ltd.
Location: Hanghzou East, Hanghzou, China
Building surface: 1,741,000 m2
Building site: 367600 m2
Programme:  Masterplan
Status: 1st prize competition entry


Ben van Berkel, Caroline Bos, Gerard Loozekoot and Filippo Lodi, Marcin Koltunski and Jae Young Lee, Colette Parras, Valerie Tam, Zhuang Zahng, Lingxiao Zhang, Ramon van der Heijden, Ren Yee, Bartek Winniki, Tomas Mokry

Landscape: Or/else, Mark van der Bij
Engineering: Arup Shanghai, Frederik Wong

Renderings and Visualizations: UNStudio and IDF Global
Model: AMOD China