Masterplan & Train Station


Bologna, Italy, 2007

The extension for the Central Station of Bologna has the multi-folded role being a key node on the transport network as well as an important block in the urban fabric bridging the historical division of the city. After a diagnosis of the potentials and strengths of the city the design develops an especially tailored programme for each of the different user groups, creating a neighbourhood with new streets, boulevards, squares and city functions which benefit the transport user and local residents alike. The luminous heart of the station with the intricate structure provides a distinct and unique identity, offering a different experience on each visit and celebrating the act of traveling. A delicate steel structure is installed 20 metres above the tracks, functioning as a roof which covers - and thereby combines - all areas of the station.

Client: RFI
Programme: Master planning and station design
Total build surface: 160.000 m²
Status: Competition Design (December 2007 – April 2008)


Ben van Berkel with Nuno Almeida and Jan Schellhoff, Zheinfei Wang, Veronica Baraldi, Juergen Heinzel, Casper Damkier, Patrik Noome, Margherita Del Grosso, Leon Bloemendaal

Frigerio Design, Genova
Abt, Arnhem
Politecnica, Florence
Systematica, Milan
Design Convergence Urbanism, Madrid
Buro Happold, London
Claudio Manfreddo, Genova
Prof. Porrino, Bologna
Modulo 1, Bologna

Visalisation: Rendertaxi, Aachen