Mitsubishi ALPOLIC Fair Stand


Munich, Germany, 2014-2015

UNStudio’s Fair Stand at the BAU2015 was designed as a temporary pavilion for Mitsubishi Plastics ALPOLIC (TM). In the pavilion ALPOLIC - known for their particular characteristics - are constructed out of ultra-light aluminum layered panels which are employed to create the sculptural clad wall. In collaboration with SORBA, UNStudio explored the potential of design computational techniques and smart fabrication solutions. The computational techniques enabled the optimisation of fabrication by developing a set of parameters in jointing, seaming and with the correct selection of panel size.
The wall installation served as the main focal point for the stand. The structure of the wall consisted of an interpolation of hexagonal elements on a surface that transformed from a straight to double-curved geometry. The transition encouraged visitors to walk around the wall and experience the changing perceptions of geometry, light, reflection and depth. The curvature of the wall enclosed a two-level private lounge while the front wall organised the public space by reflecting hexagonal patterns onto the flooring and tables.
The pavilion represented the dynamic potentials of parametric design with integrated production and processing and defined a prototype for future façade developments.


Client: Mitsubishi Plastics, Inc.
Location: Messe München, Germany
Building surface: 105m²
Building volume: 735m³
Programme: Fair stand for construction fair
Status: Completed
Photos: © Sebastian Schels


UNStudio: Ben van Berkel, Gerard Loozekoot with René Wysk, Filippo Lodi and Alexander Kalachev, Roman Kristesiashvili, Hyun Jong Won

Contractor display wall: Sorba projects bv., Netherlands
Contractor stand: Meplan Gmbh, Germany