Mitsubishi fair stand Alpolic - 2


BAU 2017, Munich, Germany, 2017

Following UNStudio’s design for the ALPOLIC ™ fair stand for BAU 2015, Mitsubishi Plastics have once again invited the UNStudio team to further elaborate on the three-dimensional potentials of this ultra-light yet very strong facade material, whilst simultaneously displaying their very durable fluoropolymer coating methods.
In order to emphasise the exceptional strength of the material and its possibilities for innovative facade application, the stand is designed as a fully self-supporting, ultra-thin feature without any additional structural elements. The geometry draws from principles which exist in nature to create stability and strength, such as the venation of leaves or the natural behavior of catenary lines in spider webs.
Making use of parametric design techniques and smart fabrication solutions, the stand is based on a single structural element which is mirrored and rotated in several directions. Cone-shaped spaces display either the front side of the material with the coated panels or the untreated back side, revealing the structural ribbons.
This spatial structure results in a variety of different spaces, including semi-enclosed areas where more intimate gatherings can take place, or where visitors to the stand can receive further information.


Client: Mitsubishi Plastics, Inc.
Building surface: 90m²
Building volume: 536m³
Programme: Fair stand for construction fair BAU 2017
Status: Completed
Photos: ©Laurian Ghinitoiu


Ben van Berkel, Gerard Loozekoot with René Wysk, Filippo Lodi and Alexander Kalachev, Nanang Santoso, Jörg Stanzel, Jung Jae Suh

Contractor Alpolic Feature: Sorba projects bv., Netherlands
Contractor stand: Meplan Gmbh, Germany