Model House for I'Park City


Suwon, Korea, 2008

The Model House for I-Park City is a showroom to exhibit the residential urban and façade design for an 88 building development in Suwon. The principle design intention was to curate the visitor experience by elaborating on an implicit circulation strategy. The route of the visitor, from the approach to the building and throughout the tour within, is treated as an ongoing exhibition.  The building is therefore configured as a clear illustration of this strategy, which becomes the central feature both within the interior space, and as a generator of the façade design. The resultant crossing over of the circulation ribbon produces various viewpoints of the exhibited content, in this case, the facades of the show-units.
In parallel, the same path oscillates between a focus on the interior exhibited content and the adjacent larger site and landscape, which is the location of the future development. The circulation route underscores the importance of the ‘coming home experience’ which is the organizational driver of the entire I-Park City Urban development, and the core of the overall site branding strategy.


Project information: I-Park City Brand Showroom
Client: Hyundai Development Company
Programme: Model House
Scale: 5000 m2
UNStudio: Preliminary Design, Definitive Design, Construction Administration
Photography: Iwan Baan & Christian Richters


Ben van Berkel, Gerard Loozekoot with Wouter de Jonge, Jan Schellhoff and Colette Parras, Imola Berczi, Martijn Prins, Wesley Lanckriet, Nanang Santoso, Derrick Diporedjo, Sarah Sandler, Byung kyun Kim, Michal Masalski, Mieneke Dijkema

Landscape Architect: Lodewijk Baljon, Amsterdam
Local Architect: Heerim architects and planners, Seoul
Local landscaping: CA Landscape Design, Seoul