Nanjing Art Museum, 1+3 Centres


Nanjing, China, 2016

In the design for the Nanjing Art Museum and supplementary programmes the building volume is distributed according to the main functional components. As such, the Art Gallery and Art Communication with artist residencies are housed in close proximity to one another. The Art Education Centre, Experimental Art Centre and Auction Centre however are kept as distinctly separate entities.
Each volume is organised around a central void in order to guarantee flexibility for daily operations and future requirements. A common roof - resembling a composition of five brush strokes - unites the volumes, gives a clear address to the building and symbolises the shared spirit of the various centres.  
Placing the building volumes in an almost radial manner enables the clear definition of a central space in the centre of the development. The flow of visitors is naturally led into this central plaza which acts as a large urban foyer connecting to the lobbies of all centres. This plaza is conceived as a spacious and bright zone, allowing for a variety of activities year round, from special exhibitions to art fairs to performances.


Client: Nanjing City Planning Bureau, China
Location: Nanjing, China
Building surface: 37.000m2 above ground
Building site: 34.000m2
Programme: Art Museum with extended program. 1+3 Centers including Art Gallery, Artist Communication Center, Artist Residencies, Art Education Center, Experimental Art Center, Art Auction Center.
Status: Competition Design.


UNStudio: Ben Van Berkel, Astrid Piber with Martin Zangerl, Mo Ching Ying Lai and Arnold Wong, Daniele De Benedictis, Tiia Vahula, Enrique Lopez Rodriguez, Angela Huang, Haoxiang Yang

Civil Engineering: Arup, Shanghai.
Landscape: Loos van Vliet, Haarlem.
Cost: Arcadis, Shanghai.
Renderings: MOKA-Studio