Nightsight lighting system


Zumtobel, Austria, 2015

Nightsight is a versatile new lighting system designed to improve the quality, accessibility and usability of public spaces after dark. Inspired by the many variations possible in theatre lighting, Nightsight enables spatial choreography through light and is primarily aimed at facilitating activity, enjoyment, engagement and social interaction in the public realm.
The compact family of components that together comprise the Nightsight toolbox improve upon standard exterior lighting solutions by enabling variable qualities of light: from dynamic to soft, with variable intensities, glare reduction, reduced light spill and directional lighting. In conjunction with sensor technology the luminaires can respond to both daylight reduction and movement, creating a smart, interactive lighting system that activates both spaces and the buildings that surround them.
Aimed at improving the quality and safety of exterior spaces after dark, the system is designed to create environments for social activity, mobility and walkability and to reclaim the night within the public realm through variety in lighting scenarios and intensities: unnecessary light pollution is controlled through glare reduction and reduced light spill, while active spaces enjoy carefully considered and composed directional lighting.
Nightsight comprises a number of differently sized sets of LED luminaries which can be placed on street furnitures or buildings, while the similarity in appearance of the units ensures unity in design. Future components of the toolbox will include in-ground lighting, bollard lighting and a wider variety of unit formats and sizes.


Client: Zumtobel
Location: Dornbirn Austria
Description: Nightsight (Toolbox of Light)
Size: various
Finishes: Nightsight grey
Status: launched at Light & Building, Frankfurt 2016
Photos: ©Zumtobel

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UNStudio: Ben van Berkel, Astrid Piber with William de Boer and Filippo Lodi, Rob Henderson, Dana Behrman, Arjan Kalsi and Alexander Leck

Zumtobel: Reinhardt Wurzer, Peter Keill with Stephan van Thillo, Stephan Pieper, Dario Maccheroni, Sebastian Schade, Julia Butkereit and Christian Kohler

Advising companies: Rod Dixon ( RODDIXON LTD. ), Simone Collon and Salome Galjaard ( ARUP ), Karim Benammar ( THINK ), Uwe Belzner ( LDE Belzner ), Gesina Roters and Sylvia Kivits ( DAY ), Ronald Rietveldt ( RAAF ), Fiona Vos ( dVO ), Barbara Visser