Park and Rijn Towers


Arnhem, Netherlands, 2000–2005

The two office towers Park and Rijn are components of the large urban plan development for Arnhem Central. Visibly recognizable on the horizon, they denote the city’s transportation hub as well as assimilating some of the public functions of the transfer hall at ground level. The two distinct volumes create a void between them, thereby avoiding the complete severance of the visual connection between North and South.

Client: Eurocommerce
Location: Arnhem Central station
Program: Offices, parking
Surface: 21.800 m2
Status: Realized March 2005
Photography: Christian Richters & Ronald Tilleman


Supervision Masterplan Arnhem Centraal: Ben van Berkel
Rijn tower: Gerard Loozekoot met Henri Snel, Olaf Gipser
Park tower: Tobias Wallisser met Ton van den Berg, Jacco van Wengerden

Construction: Van der Vorm Engineering
Installations: Cauberg-Huygen