Pasarela de la Ballena footbridge Las Palmas


Gran Canaria, Spain, 2001

The footbridge spans a bypass which connects two densely populated quarters; the historical town of Las Palmas and a newer suburb. The bridge design integrates infrastructure, landscape and recreational facilities. Spanning 93 meters, the bridge incorporates existing pedestrian and cyclist lanes on three levels. The complex structure is entwined at places where facilities are incorporated. The program entails a restaurant, bars, sport facilities and a community center. The exterior of the structure is cladded with perforated metal sheets, the interior features wood for the ‘slow’ lanes and a combination of concrete and perforated steel for the ‘fast lanes’.

Client: Municipality of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Location: Barranco de la Ballena, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria
Building area: 2.500 m2
Programme: Footbridge with facilities
Status: Design


Ben van Berkel with Alicia Velázquez, Daniel Borruey, Olga Vázquez, Astrid Piber, Igor Kebel, Cynthia Markhoff, Andrew Benn, Colette Parras, Santiago H. Matos, Fabián Hernández, Tiago Nunes, Cristina Bolis, Khoi Tran

Structure engineering: Arup London Charles Walker, James Fleming, Martin Self
Infrastructure: Arup London, David Johnston
Cost estimate: Arup London: Strachan Mitchell Arup Madrid: Richard Bickers
Landscape architect: Lodewijk Baljon Landschapsarchitecten Lodewijk Baljon, Uta Krause
Programme feasibility: Jose Miguel Iribas, Pablo Vaggione