Port-City, Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain, 2004

The re-development of Port-City in Las Palmas is designed to establish synergy between Port and City and create a lively, urban environment for residents and tourists by presenting a contemporary face and providing a new space for public events. The waterfront is turned into an integral part of urban life, using design to interpret and redirect the complex natural and cultural identity of the location. The design transforms the area from an industrial non-place into a metropolitan hotspot. Improved connections and a direct relationship with the waterfront form the core of the project. For the Port-City a carefully balanced program, a sustainable and mixed-use development is proposed. Deploying the latest technologies for water treatment and construction ensures an environmentally friendly re-development of the site.

Client: Municipality of Las Palmas
Location: Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain.
Programme: Urban masterplan
Status/phase: Competition design


Ben van Berkel, Caroline Bos, Tobias Wallisser with Astrid Piber, Alicia Velazquez and Holger Hoffmann, Dag Thies, Michaela Tomaselli, Ramon Hernandez, Ali Eray, Joakim Kaminsky, Colette Parras, Elke Uitz, Matthew Johnston

L-P-A, Laboratorio de planeamiento y arquitectura: Juan Palop, Bonifacio Jiménez, Alejandro Pérez Carmona 
Engineering: Arup: David Johnston, Richard Bickers, Flavio Tejada Gorraiz, Patricia Maria Gallego Barba 
Program and Feasibility: designconvergence: Pablo Vaggione, Jose Miguel Iribas