Renovation shopping center Vroom & Dreesman


Emmen, Netherlands, 1994–1996

The existing department store of the 1960’s was dated and did not meet the requirements and desires of the contemporary shopper. The old, concrete panelled façades of the department store have been replaced by a lighter, glazed cladding. The curved glazed façade combines the various shops in one material gesture and produces different effects. It is reflective, transparent, and translucent. The department store has also been reorganized internally with the addition of a gallery, apartments and smaller shop outlets. A new public passage on the ground floor changes the arrangement of the shopping center, giving it a stronger directional structure from the original meandering one.

Client: Multi Vastgoed
Location: Mondriaanplein 10, Emmen, Netherlands
Building area: 10.294 m2
Programme: Renovation and urban planning
Status/phase: Realized 1996


Ben van Berkel with René Bouman, Harrie Pappot and Monica Bauer, Henk Smallenburg, Frank van Hierk, Edwin van Namen, Ronald van Nieuwkerk, Sanderijn Amsberg, Hans Kuypers, Hanna Euro, Tycho Soffree, Marc Dijkman, Jan van Erven Dorens, Fenja Riks