RESET Stress Reduction Pods


iSalone di Mobile 2017, Milan, Italy

UNStudio and SCAPE joined forces with a multidisciplinary team of experts for the exhibition ‘Work 3.0 – A Joyful Sense at Work’, at the 2017 iSalone del Mobile in Milan.
For their contribution to the exhibition, a team consisting of UNStudio, SCAPE, Dr. Teresa de Sanctis (PhD Neuroscientist/experience design and optimisation), Jurjen Söhne (Ambient Intelligence technology integration) and Diederik Veelo (Technologist/Interaction design) developed a fully immersive, modular structure that features scientifically proven stress reduction methods in a playful and interactive way.
RESET (Responsive Emotional Transformation)
The RESET pod is designed to empower people to deal with stress more effectively. In the ‘Joyful Sense at Work’ exhibition its purpose within the workplace is demonstrated and the benefits for office workers are investigated and presented.
Living Labs
The encapsulated space of ‘RESET (Responsive Emotional Transformation)’ serves dual goals. Firstly, the installation teaches us which stress reduction method works best for different individuals. Secondly, the sensors trace visitors’ response to the stress reduction ex­periences and provide real-time ‘factual’ feedback. Two of six scientifically proven stress reduction methods are selected for the purpose of the exhibition. Visitors are invited to experience and test the active versus passive experience. 
Ambient Intelligence (AmI)
Can a space adapt to your stress levels? Ambient intelligence refers to electronic environments that are sensitive and responsive to the presence of people. By linking biosensors to the physical space, the experiment tests what types of responsiveness can provide value to people.


Client: Federlegno Arredo Eventi SpA
Location: iSalone di Mobile, Milan, IT
Building surface: ca. 50m2
Building volume: ca. 135m3
Building site: 100m2
Programme: pod design for stress relieving experience, created for the exhibition “Work 3.0 – Joyful Sense at Work”
Status: realized
photos: ©oddproduzioni


Ben van Berkel with Tina Kortmann, William de Boer and Jesse Zweers, Marco Conte, Gary Polk, Yang Li, Sander Versluis, Ergin Birinci, Oana Nituica, Machteld Kors

Jeff Povlo, Nicola Tordoff Söhne, Chris Malbon, Steven Smith

Dr. Teresa de Sanctis - PhD Neuroscientist/experience design and optimisation
Jurjen Söhne - Technology integration
Ambassadors: Diederik Veelo, Rio Kierkels, Alvin Goh, Coen Spoor, Machiel Banen, Benjamin Bourgonje, Paul Sluimers - Technologists/Interaction design